Thursday, March 7, 2013

Replacing the elements in your electric kiln can be costly.  Below is a link to a very informative article about prolonging the life of your elements.  One important thing to remember when replacing your elements is to fire the kiln empty the first time.  I would suggest firing the kiln somewhere between cone 1 and cone 5 at a medium speed.  The wire used to make the elements is a high temperature compound of iron, aluminum and chrome.  Firing the kiln empty the first time allows a layer of alumina oxide to form on the surface of the element wire.  This layer protects the wire from the fumes created when firing ceramics.  I know it may seem like a waste of money to fire empty, but it will make your elements last a lot longer.  If your kiln has six elements, it may cost $300 for the parts, plus the labor of a technician. So, in the end it will save you money.